Class Project
The class will plan, develop, and present a digital humanities project for an exhibit, archives, and teacher’s resource guide to supplement the Tom B. Murphy exhibit that will be unveiled at the UWG Ingram Library in the fall of 2011. This exhibit was developed and will be installed to commemorate Tom B. Murphy’s influential political career as one of the nation’s longest serving legislative speakers. The class will work closely with Catherine Hendricks who is managing the exhibit for the Ingram Library. Students will be divided into teams, and each team will complete specific tasks for a digital humanities project developed by the class. This team approach is the process by which all exceptional examples of digital humanities projects are accomplished. This class project will offer insight into the numerous facets involved in creating digital humanities projects and provide hands on experience in the field that can immediately build your resume. The team areas are listed below. More specific responsibilities and tasks will be provided to you. I will adjust the teams and responsibilities, based on the number of students enrolled in the class and the individual expertise of students enrolled in the class.

Team C:  SS8H9
Team Leader:  Matt Harris
Team Member:  Josh Parker
Team Member:  Sam Stokes
Team Member:  Stephen Crane

The student will describe the impact of World War II on Georgia’s
development economically, socially, and politically.

a. Describe the impact of events leading up to American involvement in World War II; include Lend-Lease and the bombing of Pearl Harbor. (Matt)
b. Evaluate the importance of Bell Aircraft, military bases (Matt), the Savannah and Brunswick shipyards (Stephen), Richard Russell (Josh), and Carl Vinson (Sam).
c. Explain the impact of the Holocaust on Georgians (Josh & Stephen).
d. Discuss President Roosevelt’s ties to Georgia including his visits to Warm Springs and his impact on the state (Sam).

1. Identify and record primary (Six) and secondary sources (Best)
2. Identify and capture images and other audiovisual materials
3. Identify scholarly websites (Three) related to the subjects included in your team’s assigned performance standards.
4. Develop strategies for analyzing and describing your team’s assigned performance standards.  (Speaker of the House Thomas B. Murphy)
5. Identify historic sites in Georgia (Warm Spring, GA) associated with your team’s assigned performance standards.