Harold Hirsch

Coca-Cola Company attorney Harold Hirsch was a prominent member of the Atlanta Jewish community.  He became deeply concerned about the situation in Europe regarding the persecution of the Jewish population.  In a series of letters beginning in 1933 with Rabbi Jonah Wise of New York City, Wise urged Hirsch to help raise money for assistance.  At first, Hirsch, though sympathetic, expressed his position that he would not be able to raise enough funds because of the Depression.Wise remained persistent, and eventually was able to persuade Hirsch to take action.  In 1936, he called for a reorganization of Atlanta’s Jewish social service agencies.  He also joined together twelve of his closest associates to form the Atlanta Committee for German-Jewish Relief.  His campaign did not get major widespread community support, as he was only able to raise $2,500 during the first drive.  However, his actions did raise awareness and inspire other community groups in Georgia to become involved with assisting the European Jews, especially in helping displaced survivors come to the United States and helping them to readjust.