Military Bases in Georgia

Georgia installations such as Columbus’ Fort Benning, the largest infantry training school in the world, and Naval Air Station Atlanta, which trained U.S. Navy and Marine Corps pilots, housed soldiers from all over the country. Nearly 24,000 servicemen were brought in to work at Robins Field in Warner Robins, highlighting the fact that Georgia would figure prominently in the military’s effort to win the war. While most military installations in the state were used for training and services, some bases were utilized for other purposes. For example, Camp Gordon, known today as Fort Gordon, was set up for fifteen months as an internment camp for foreign prisoners of war.

This map below shows the location of bases that were built during World War II in the State of Georgia. These bases were built as part of the nation’s efforts to mobilize.

Dobbins Air Reserve Base Fort Gillem Fort Mcpherson Fort Gordon Robins Air Force Base Fort Benning Fort Stewart Moody Air Force Base Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base Image Map